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Chimney Linings and Firebacks

Micafil concrete is ideal as a filler to insulate around flue linings, behind firebacks and around pipes when fitting heaters.

Firebacks protected in this way are less likely to crack because of the cushioning effect of the Micafil concrete, and its insulating effect ensures more heat is returned to the room.

In chimneys, use Micafil concrete for extra insulation between brickwork and flue. This helps to maintain flue gas temperatures thus improving draught - more important than ever with today's high efficiency boilers.

Typical UseChimney Filling
Mixing Ratio by Volume6:1
Materials to place 1m3 of concrete Micafil Vermiculite12 bags
Portland Cement12 bags*
Water276 litres
Smaller batch mixing Micafil Vermiculite1 bag
Portland Cement1 bag*
Water23 litres

*Based on a standard 25kg bag of cement.

Vermiculite Concrete

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