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Fine Grade Vermiculite


This product is a grade of exfoliated vermiculite having a controlled particle size distribution.

Typical Properties (Non-specified)

Chemical Analysis
Silicon (SiO2)38.93%
Magnesium (MgO)22.03%
Aluminium (Al2O3)8.99%
Potassium (K2O)5.43%
Iron (Fe2O3)8.45%
Calcium (CaO)3.62%
Titanium (TiO2)1.10%
Fluorine (F)0.59%

Physical Properties
Melting Point (°C)1330
Specific Heat (1kJ/kg.K)1.08
Specific Gravity (Crude)2.5
Moh's Hardness (Crude)1 - 2
pH (ISO 787-9)7 - 8
% Loss at 105°C (Product)< 0.5
% Loss at 1000°C (Product)< 6

Typical Properties (Specified)

Dry Sieve Analysis
Sieve Aperture (mm)% Retained
2.80 - 5
2.00 - 50
1.040 - 72
0.50 - 28
< 0.50 - 15

Loose Bulk Density80 - 125 g/l

Exfoliated Vermiculite


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Fine Grade Vermiculite - Typical Sieve Analysis

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