CARA is a ready-to-use, air-drying refractory adhesive.CARA has been formulated to work with Class A fire-resistant substrates and will not contribute to a fire itself.

Adhering aluminium foil to Class-A fire-rated substrates. Adhering fibre paper or fibre blanket to refractory brick.

Suitable for applying by brush or by high pressure sprayer.



Dupre Minerals in the UK have developed an inert, non solvent based fire retardant adhesive. CARA is being marketed for the bonding of Aluminium foil to closed cell non crosslinked polyethylene Foam where fire protection is required for technical insulation systems.

The adhesive will not reduce or compromise a pre existing fire rating that has already been achieved on a technical insulation system but it could improve thermal performance. The adhesive is air drying and non combustible and contains no organic materials.




CARA container

CARA as liquid

Cost effective logos

Fibre Rolls

Fibre roll with CARA

Three strips showing application